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CAL/Osha 300 Posting

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CAL/OSHA) requires employers with 11 or more employees to maintain and post records of work-related injuries and illnesses.

  • The OSHA 300 log must be maintained throughout the year. 
  • The Form 300A must be posted starting February 1, 2011 to April 30, 2011.
  • Information in the Form 300A is based off of injuries for the calendar year 2010 only.
  • It must be placed in a conspicous place where notices to employees are customarily posted.
  • Companies with no injuries and illnesses in 2010 should post the Form 300A with zeros on the total line.

Employers are only required to post the Summary (Form 300A) not the OSHA 300 log.

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